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WW2 Inert British No. 69 Grenade

The No .69 grenade was developed and used during WW2 and was made of Bakelite unlike the No. 36 Mills bomb which had a much greater destructive area. The No. 69 enabled the use without the thrower having much in the way of cover. This is a grenade is in great condition and comes apart.

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Belgium 2nd Pat SAS Commando Training Dagger

First time I have come across one of these daggers. This is a 2nd pattern Belgium training fighting knife. These were very similar in style to the Belgium Fighting Knife itself. Produced in Britain, the handle is covered in a hard rubber as is the terminal ball. The steel tube is spring loaded so that when the dagger is plunged into the 'target' it compresses, avoiding injury. Measures 30 cm in length. Being produced in Britain I would assume this would have also have been used by British Commando's & possibly SOE as I have never seen a British version?

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1st Belgium SAS Shoulder Patch

A shoulder patch for the 1st Belgium SAS Regiment. Constructed of a maroon wool background with SAS embedded with a light blue cotton/silk. This appears to have been worn but is in great condition with no mothing.

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A Circa 1920-1940 Street Map of Antwerp

This came with the other items from Belgium that are currently listed for sale.I am informed this is a Belgium A to Z type booklet with a map of Antwerp which dates between 1920 & 1940. The map when fully deployed measures 59 x 82 cm. Note, spine is tatty but map is in great condition.

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WW2 Belgium Forces in Exile Brass Cap Badge

A brass Belgium Forces in Exile Cap Badge (Free Belgium Forces) with two lugs. Unlike the Free French Belgium troops adopted the British rank structure and uniform, distinguish from other troops with the rampant lion cap badge. Note, the head of the lion is a dark colour but I have not made any attempt to clean it.

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British Parachute Qualification Bullion Badge

A nice example of a British Bullion Parachute qualification cloth badge. Although it shows sign of being removed from its uniform it is in good condition with fine detail.

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WW2 Era USA Lucky Strike Cigarette Tin - Square

An early example of an empty litho printed 8oz Lucky Strike Tobacco Tin, produced by R.A. Patterson Tobacco Co. Richmond, Virginia. Factory No 60 2nd District. The tin measures approx 11 x 8 x 6 cm. Becoming harder to find in the UK.

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WW2 Era Beech-Nut Peppermint Chewing Gum Tin

This is a rare tin even amongst the vintage litho collectors community. A 1930-40s Beech-Nut Peppermint Flavour Chewing Gum Tin that would have contained numerous individual chewing gum packets. A favourite with the GIs billeted in Britain during WW2. The tin measures approx 13 x 12 x 9 cm.

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USA First Aid 'Cutter ' Snake Bite Kit

This is a small first aid kit specifically for the treatment of snake bites. Constructed of a hard rubber capsule with contains a small blade, glass vial, small piece of ribbon/lace (turn tourniquet) along with instructions for use. Supplied during WW2, Korea & Vietnam to military personal. The capsule measures 7cm in length.

Code: 51100


WW2 Era USA Lucky Strike Tin - Round

A great example of an empty tin of Lucky Strike Cigarettes that would have been issued to the US forces during WW2. The tin would have contained 100 cigarettes and was manufactured by Factory No 30 2nd District New York. The tin measures 10 cm in diameter x 8 cm in depth. Becoming harder to find in the UK.

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