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WW2 Third Reich - Prisoner of War Camp Currency

German prisoner of war currency - ten Reischsmark note. Kriegsgefangenenlagergeld (prisoner of war camp. Per the Geneva Convention, POW's hired out to military or civilian contractors were 'supposed' to be paid. This is one example of denomination paid out.

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WW2 USA Lucky Strike Cut Plug Tobacco Tin

A tin of USA Lucky Strike Cut Plug Tobacco Tin made by the R.A.Patterson Tobacco Co. Richmond Virginia.

Code: 51202


WW2 USA Beach-Nut Chewing Gum - Unopened

I think this is a pretty amazing find, five sticks of original Beach-Nut Chewing Gum, unopened and sealed within its cellophane wrapping. Made by the Beach-Nut Packing Co. Canajohrie, New York.

Code: 51203


WW2 USA Garand M1 M1942 Bayonet 10" & M3 Scabbard

WW2 USA M1942 Bayonet 10" & M3 Scabbard
Nice example of an American M1943 Bayonet & M3 fibreglass scabbard (Technically considered an M1905) Ricasso marked U.A.F. (Union Fork & Hoe) UOS 1943. The other side of the ricasso is marked U.C-MOD. The scabbard has the standard Ordnance flaming bomb.

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WW2 USA Lucky Strike Cigarette Tin - Flat Fifties

A Lucky Strike Flat Fifties Cigarette Tin made by the American Tobacco Company Incorporated.

Code: 51201


WW1 German 1898/05 Imperial Bayonet 1916

Sometimes referred to as a 'butcher knife', this bayonet is in great condition. The blade has been greatly looked after retaining its profile with very little sings of sharpening. The ricasso is marked Simpson & Co. One edge of the ricasso is stamped W 16 with the other side stamped 46. There are acceptance stamps all over, including both sides of each grip screw, with the wooden grip slaps in great condition. The release button is fully functional. The steel scabbard retains 99% of its original field paint grey/green - some minor 'dinks' nearer the bottom. Each side of the throat bears acceptance stamps.

*** Apologies but no shipping outside the UK & buyers must be 18 or over ***

Code: 51072


WW2 British Army Signal Flag - Lewis Falk Ltd

A rare original linen multi construction square British Army signal flag, as used with the 'single' flag signalling method. Consists of a white background with a blue horizontal stripe (Fess). The halyard has two cotton loops and one leather loop and is marked Lewis Falk Ltd 1940 MK II. Size approx 23 x 23".

"There were two sizes of flag used by the army, the larger for greater distances or during lower visibility approx 3 ft square and a smaller 2 ft square flag. For each size they were available in two colours - white with a blue horizontal stripe, for use against a dark background, dark blue, for use against a light background".

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Third Reich Nazi State Service Armband

A good example of a Third Reich Nazi State Service armband. Constructed yellow cotton with woven black eagle. Faint ink acceptance stamp visible.

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Third Reich Panzer M-43 Cloth Cap Badge

One-piece SS-Panzer eagle and skull M-43 cap machine embroidered BeVo weave in silvery-grey thread on black rayon backing. The latter crudely sewn to a piece of thick wool backing.

Code: 51196

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Third Reich HJ-BDM Diamond Arm Badge

HJ-BDM mint BeVo sleeve diamond patch.Un-issued "BeVo, Wupperthal" made BDM "klettervest" sleeve patch. In very good condition.

Code: 51195

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