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WW2 RAF Silk Escape Map 43/A 43/B

A 1943 series double sided stitched edge silk escape map, 43/A France, Belgium & Holland 43/B France, Spain & German Swiss Frontier. These maps were issued to Allied pilots of the US, RAF, and RCAF. Printed by the company of John Waddington, Ltd,

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WW2 RAF Escape Survival Pacsaw

These steel wire saws were carried by RAF aircrew as part of their escape and evasion equipment. SOE also used these, adapting them to be used as a lethal 'garrot'. Typically manufactured by the firm Hallands, the saw is in perfect condition and comes in its original oil sealed packet.

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WW2 RN /FAA C Type Helmet & Gosport Tubes

The chamois is in good condition although grubby as expected, particularly around the doughnuts. The outer leather is in good condition with some scuffing to the top left panel. All stitching, poppers, zips and fasteners are in working order. Comes with a pair of Gosport tubes.

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WW2 RAF MK IVB Goggles

Stores Ref. 22c/167. Mk IVB goggles were the final variant issued to RAF fighter pilots during the Battle of Britain (IV, IVA and IVB were all issued simultaneously in July 1940). Brass frames painted black with split-angle laminated glass lenses, large loops to go around the receiver cups and a leather back strap. These goggles are in good condition, s The lenses show signs of de-lamination (easily replaced), and the small sponge rubber pads have hardened as per usual.

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WW2 German Stielhandgranate 24 Case, Internal Rack & Fuse Tin

These cases contained 15 Stielhandgranaten 24, one box of 15 Brennz├╝nder 24 & box of 15 Sprengkapseln Nr. 8. Both case and rack are in great condition retaining many of its original stencilling, even more interesting is the fact that it is regimentally marked 'Inf. Ers. Btl 322. Bromberg'.

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Additional Photos for 51221 - Stielhandgranate 24

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WW2 German Nazi SS Belt & Buckle - Trophy or Hate Belt

This is a German WW2 Heer belt with British military badges crudely attached. Sometimes referred to as a 'hate belt', this was a practise carried out by soldiers on both sides and begun during WW1. In addition to the latter, school children would also collect souvenirs using this method. The buckle is that of the SS and marked RZM 36/42 with the SS runes. The leather belt is marked 38 on the reverse of the tab and appears to have been cut down. The total length stands at 34".

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Badges include; Worcestershire shoulder badge, Sargent Major wrist badge, Royal Engineers, Cheshire, Labour Corps, Royal Warwickshire, Rank pip, Tank Corps, Royal Artillery (swivel wheel), General Service button, Royal Military Police, Royal Engineers shoulder title and two Royal Artillery collar badges.

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WW2 British Airborne Jump Smock 1942 Pat

Worn over the Dennison Jacket & equipment in order to reduce the possibility of fouling the parachute's lines during a jump. Jackets Parachutist 1942 Pattern dated Nov 1943. This is a larger size (5) Height 5-11" to 6', Breast 38-43". The outside back has the number 304 stencilled. You would have trouble finding one in better condition, no rips or tears, fully working zipper, complete with all its brass Newey poppers that all function perfectly.

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WW2 British Airborne or RAF Escape Vest 2nd Pat

These vests were used for multiple purposes, primarily to preserve heat, forming part of a layered clothing system. It was designed to be worn against the skin with other clothing on top - the warmth created by the body remained trapped in the 'baffles'. It was also issued to some aircrews as an escape aid as the vest could be unravelled and plaited to from a strong rope. One side of the vest is a little dirty - but I would not recommend washing it as it would lose its integrity.

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