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WW2 Home Front - RAF Spitfire Fund Raising Badge

These small badges were given in return for a donation to the Spitfire Fund. This small brass badge has Spitfire embossed across the top of the wings with the RAF roundel at each end. This version of the badge was designed to fit a button hole.

Code: 50967

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WW2 Home Front - AID Badge - Service No 7958

A full size Air Inspection Department enamel and gilt button hole badge 24 measuring mm circumference. The back has the classic horse shoe fitting and is stamped with the service number 7958. The horse shoe has been twisted, presumably to fit the wearers clothing at the time. This organisation was accountable for ensuring quality control of the aviation manufacturing industry.

A really nice Home Front badge, enamel remaining bright with no chips or cracks.

Code: 50667

25.00 GBP

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WW2 RAF Air Ministry KENT 1941 - Issued Boot Brushes

Two WW2 RAF standard issue shoe brushes. One brush is marked with Crown Kent A.M. 1941 - 294/B/79, whilst the other brush is marked with Crown A.M. 1940. Both brushes have been used and although faint, have hand written service numbers present.

Code: 50960

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WW2 RAF 'F' Type Bath-tub Morse Key Relic

Stores ref. 10A/7741. Dark brown bakelite Morse code tapper as used on all wartime bomber aircraft. Sometimes known as the 'bath-tub' Morse key due its resemblance to a bath.

Note: Relic or use for spare parts - the base of this key is missing.

Code: 50957

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WW2 Horlicks 24 Hour Ration Tin - Air Ministry

A Horlicks tablets 24 hour ration tin as supplied to the Air Ministry, manufactured by Horlicks Ltd, Slough Bucks. "As used by explorers & long distance flyers, as supplied to the Air Ministry".

Code: 50622

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WW2 British Senior Service Cigarette Tin

An empty tin of 50 Senior Service Cigarettes. The tin is in fair condition considering its age. Ideal for display.

Code: 50780

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WW2 Luftwaffe BF109 Fighter Tail Section Trophy

A rare piece from the Battle of Britain, featuring a Nazi Swastika cut from the tail section of a Messerschmidt BF 109. This aluminium section measures approx 33 x 33 cm.
The back of the section has been annotated in pencil 'BF 109 Crashed Plumb Tree Farm Kent 1940' - however I have no provenance to substantiate this. Therefore priced as such.

Code: 50937


More Photos of 50937

During the summer of 1940 the farms in Kent would have been full of casual labourers mainly from the East End of London, primarily harvesting the hop fields. Many of these labourers where witness to the dog fights above Kent and also first on the scene of crash sites - some even capturing German aircrew. It was not uncommon for souvenirs to be taken from crash sites prior to the military securing them.

Code: 50936


Picture Post August 31, 1940 The Men Against Goering

This is one of the most iconic photographs taken during the Battle of Britain. The cover features Pilot Officer K.R. Gillman of 32 Squadron. Sadly Gillman was killed in action on the 25th of August 1940, a week before his portrait appeared on the cover of the magazine. The magazine is rare in its own right and in great condition for its age - it would look great framed and compliment any Battle of Britain collection.

Code: 50954


WW2 German Headset & Morse Key

I purchased these quite a few years ago from a boot fair near Maidstone in Kent & selling as semi-relics.

The Morse key has a bakelite cover and marked Ta.P and has the Luftwaffe communication logo in the form of a lightning bolt. Inside are the markings T6/T1. The aluminium mounting has a Waffenampt stamp. Note the cable is cut and the finger rest is missing - also a crack down one of the covers corners.

The headphones come with an rather long 'jack plug' cable, approximately 2.8 metres - this would be typical on aircraft to allow free movement. The both ear pieces are marked Telefunken one also marked EH 333b and the other 4000 Ohm's. Each of the speaker swivel mounts appear to have the Luftwaffe equipment eagle stamp.

Code: 50620

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