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WW2 Home Front - AID Badge - Service No 7958

A full-size Air Inspection Department enamel and gilt buttonhole badge 24 measuring mm circumference. The back has the classic horseshoe fitting and is stamped with the service number 7958. The horseshoe has been twisted, presumably to fit the wearers clothing at the time. This organisation was accountable for ensuring quality control of the aviation manufacturing industry.
A really nice Home Front badge, enamel remaining bright with no chips or cracks.

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WW2 Home Front - RAF Spitfire Fund Raising Badge

These small badges were given in return for a donation to the Spitfire Fund. This small brass badge has Spitfire embossed across the top of the wings with the RAF roundel at each end. This version of the badge was designed to fit a buttonhole.

Code: 51087

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WW2 Home Front - ARP Silver Vickers ARP Badge

A scarce original wartime issue 'Vickers-Armstrong Air Raid Precautions pin badge', depicting the companies "VA" logo surmounted by "A.R.P.", the reverse impressed with Birmingham silver hallmarks for 1941 and maker's details "JRG&S" (J.R.Gaunt & Son). Uncleaned but in very good condition.

Code: 51092

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WW2 Home Front - Female Elstow Ordnance Factory Badge

A good scarce example made by Thomas Fattorini Ltd, Regent St, Birmingham, and stamped with official number 2808. Good condition, original pin fitting for a female worker. Great condition.

Royal Ordnance Factory (ROF) Elstow was one of sixteen UK Ministry of Supply, World War II, Filling Factories. It was a medium-sized filling factory, (Filling Factory No. 16), which filled and packed munitions.

Code: 51093


WW2 ARP Silver Badge 1939

This is a solid silver ladies ARP broach type badge. The badge measures approximately 39 x 26 mm, weighs 9 grams and is hallmarked for London 1939 (D) These badges were issued to the following services; first aid, medical, rescue, demolition as well as air raid wardens, decontamination and gas detection officers.

Code: 51091

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WW2 Home Front - Salvage Steward Badge

Three types of official badges were issued of the same design having the letter S within a circle surmounted by a crown and all manufactured in plastic. For part time stewards appointed by local authorities the badges were red. This is in great condition.

Code: 51094

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WW2 Home Front - Evacuation Nursery Ministry of Health Badge

One of the rarer type Ministry of Health badges, 26 mm in diameter nickel plated with blue enamel bearing 'Evacuation Nursery' the reverse is marked 'H.W.M' (H.W.Miller Ltd, Birmingham). Very good condition, no damage to the enamel.
Evacuation was voluntary, but the fear of bombing, the closure of many urban schools and the organised transportation of school groups helped persuade families to send their children away to live with strangers. Many stately homes in the English countryside were commandeered for use as nursery schools or homes for young children evacuated from cities across the country.

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WW2 Home Front - Ministry of Health Hospital Service Badge

A Ministry of Health Hospital Service Badge. The back is impressed with maker's details in relief 'H.W.M' (H.W.Miller Ltd, Birmingham). The badge is in 'fair' condition with some marks to enamel and nickel. Priced as a filler.At the outbreak of war, The Ministry of Health formulated, the Emergency Hospitals Scheme some 2,378 hospitals were included in the scheme. The Ministry planned for large numbers of air-raid casualties. Up to 67,000 nurses were thought to be needed to care for the expected air-raid casualties.

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WW2 Home Front - Civil Nursing Reserve Badge

A sterling silver 'Civil Nursing Reserve' badge inlaid with red and blue enamel, the reverse stamped in "Sterling Silver" and with maker's details "M & B B'HAM (Marples & Beasley). Fair condition showing signs of service wear

Code: 51086

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WW2 Home Front - National Savings Badge

A nice example of this enamel badge" with logo "National Savings Movement - Lend to Defend". A nice wartime National Savings Movement silver plated badge' depicting St George slaying the dragon. The back is marked with maker's name 'Toye & Co London'. Very good condition complete with original pin fittings, enamel perfect.
Height 37mm.

Established in 1916 as the 'War Saving Campaign' to encourage the lending of personal savings to the government to finance the First World War and continuing into the Second World War as the 'National Savings Movement'. The badge served to distinguish saving committee members and local volunteer collectors.

Code: 51084

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