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WW2 British MkII No.2A Helmet & Items - Talbot Heath School

An interesting lot - a grey British MkII Civil Defence helmet with painted emblem for a Girls School (Talbot Heath) located in Bournemouth. The shell is stamped F&L 1940 MS. There is a name painted on the underside of the rim, 'presumably' the original owner. The cradle is marked J.C.S. & W Ltd II 1940 7 1/4. The helmet comes with a brass enamel badge school badge and printed school certificate from King George sent to all schools, the latter ripped at the top.

Code: 51119

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WW2 Home Front - Rare Double Sided Enamel Shelter Sign

The is one of the rarer early war Shelter signs being double sided and constructed of heavy gauge steel with porcelain coating. It measures 12" x 24" and weighs just over 2 Kg. This would have been placed just outside one of the larger air raid shelters.
As the war progressed the use of metals in the construction of signs was prohibited due to shortages of materials with priority being given to war manufacturing i.e. weapons & munitions.
** Postage Costs **
Due to unusual size & weight of item please contact me so that I can obtain best postage options & cost.

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WW2 British MkII Helmet - Battle Relic 1941

I have come across many German helmets with shrapnel or bullet hole damage but to come across a British helmet in this condition is quite rare. The helmet is marked 195 HBH-41 (1941). As well as the original cameo paint there are the remains of painted insignia to one side, which 'looks like' the Red Cross symbol but could be some other divisional marking? There is a projectile entry hole near the top left side which passes through what little remains of the liner. This would make a great display piece and certainly a talking point for any collection.

Code: 51116

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WW2 SOE No3 Release Switch MkII

A rare example of the No3 Release Switch. The body of the switch consists of a shallow channel section with open ends, and a hinged cover provided with an inclined tongue. A two leaf steel spring is attached at one end to the same upright side as the fuse adapter. A striker is fixed to the other of the the spring.This is the MKII version having the improved heavy duty spring. This particular switch has various layers of paint and is being sold as a semi relic.

Code: 51126

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WW2 Picture Post Magazine - Aug 17th 1940 - Air Raid

Picture Post Magazine dated 17-Aug-1940. Another iconic photograph of the Battle of Britain & the Blitz. "AIR RAID". Makes for interesting reading along with 'then & now' photographs that I had not seen before. Picture Post was Britain's answer to America's Life Magazine, full of period advertisements of the day.

Code: 51123


WW2 SOE Switch No.10 Delay Mk.I

This switch was developed during the latter part of the Second World War. It was also on issued to the American OSS during the war. It is likely that the American M1 Delay Firing Device was designed from this switch being modified only by fitting an American Base Coupler to it instead of the spring snout.

Code: 51133

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WW2 SOE No.2 Pressure Switch Mk.I

The pressure switch was designed by Millis Jefferies (Later Major-General Sir Millis Jefferies, K.B.E., M.C.) in early 1939. Used by SOE, OSS and Resistance Cells designed for destroying railway lines. Some slight damage to the snout.

Code: 51132


WW2 USA Trip Wire Reel

A wooden reel wound with various grade trip wire, typically used for booby traps or to trigger perimeter waring flares. These were use right through to the Vietnam conflict. Please note the wooden reel has a chip out of it.

Code: 51125

15.00 GBP

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Third Reich German Practice M24 Stick Grenade

Very rarely encountered, a Second World War German M24 practice stick grenade or "Potato Masher". Not many of these survive and it appears to have had a period replacement handle as well as having the warhead repainted grey (typically would have bee terracota colour) however your can still make out the manufacturers code stamp.

Priced as a 'semi-relic'

Code: 51114

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Third Reich Glider Pilot Badge - Bruder Schneider

A good example of a Segelflugzeugfuhrerabzeichen or Glider Pilot Badge depicting a soaring darkened eagle on a silver wreath. This badge was first introduced in 1940 and awarded to qualified pilots of military gliders and worn on the left breast pocket.
The reverse is marked with the classic BSW logo within inverted clover (Bruder Schneider Wien).

Code: 51107

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