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WW2 German Stick Stielhandgranate 24 Transport Case - 1940

First time I have come across a case complete with its internal rack, including one fuse tin. The original vendor's father had repurposed this as a tool box and had 'attempted' to cover over the original stencilling, GS 1940 15 Stielhgr. 24 etc.

Hand painted to the front; Inf. Ers. Btl 322 Bromberg.

Grenades for illustration only.

See Item 50860 below for further photos & description.

Code: 50859

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More Photos & Description For (50859)

The rack is known as the Einsatz - this particular being the 2nd model. Designed with simple wire springs sandwiched between two thin steel plates, to reduce on the cost of manufacturing. The rack 'appears' to have been refurbished which was common practice as these were usually discarded.

Heavy large item - outside UK postage cost estimated. Please email or phone to obtain actual postage cost.

Code: 50879


WW2 British Military Map - Wormhout - France 1943

On the 28th May 1940 members of the Waffen-SS from the 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler carried out the massacre of eighty British & French POW's during the Battle of France. This map is an official British War Office 1937, Fourth Edition 1943. This map came with items 50813 & 5069 being sold separately on this site.

Code: 50871

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WW2 French Infantry M26 Adrian Helmet

A good example of an unmolested M26 Adrian Helmet, retains all of its original paint and period liner. There is a cardboard label inside that reads Adj F Boisin, The chin strap has snapped at one end. Overall a fantastic example for any helmet collection.

Code: 50557

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WW2 French M26 Infantry Adrian Helmet

Another good example of an M26 Adrian Helmet, retains all of its original paint. It comes with its original chin strap and what I believe is a replacement liner, being made of a plastic coated material. The underside of the latter is stamped 55 in white ink, however the white liners draw string does 'not' glow under UV light.

Code: 50556

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WW1 French M15 Artillery Adrian Helmet

I good example of an unmolested French M15 Adrian Helmet in fair condition for age with most of its original paint. It retains its original thin leather liner. Unfortunately only a small part of the chin strap remains Although selling as semi-relic, it would not take much to fully restore.

Code: 50553

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WW2 German Nazi Hate Belt

This is a German WW2 Heer belt with British military badges crudely attached. Sometimes referred to as a 'hate belt', this was a practise carried out by soldiers on both sides and begun during WW1. In addition to the latter, school children would also collect souvenirs using this method. The buckle is that of the SS and marked RZM 36/42 with the SS runes. The leather belt is marked 38 on the reverse of the tab and appears to have been cut down. The total length stands at 34". Sold to me by the same vendor who sold item 50859.

Code: 50861

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More Photos & Description For Item (50861) Above

Worcestershire shoulder badge, Sargent Major wrist badge, Royal Engineers, Cheshire, Labour Corps, Royal Warwickshire, Rank pip, Tank Corps, Royal Artillery (swivel wheel), General Service button, Royal Military Police, Royal Engineers shoulder title and two Royal Artillery collar badges.

Code: 50862


WW2 French Beer Bottle - Limoges

A heavy dark brown beer bottle with green porcelain stopper marked 'Brasserie Mapataud Limoges' the same is embossed on the front of the bottle, acquired during a trip to Le Paradis.

Code: 50775

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WW2 German Beer Bottle - Deutscher Luftsportverband

A heavy dark brown glass beer bottle with white porcelain stopper. The label translated, reads; Become a member of the German Luftsportverband (DLV). The Nazi Party took over the existing air sports clubs and along with the flying sections of the SA and SS were amalgamated under the guise of the DLV - German Air Sport Organisation. At the time Germany was not permitted an Air Force. I am presuming this bottle would have been used as part of a recruitment drive.

Code: 50858


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